Friday, November 5, 2010

A change of attitude. So there.

My bah-humbug post of earlier this week got me to thinking. I had some interesting responses and suggestions on how to shake the holiday blues and I have decided to change my attitude. For real.

A trip to Target today actually proved to be therapeutic, joyful even. The store was seriously decked out. Festive signs suspended from the ceilings, isles upon isles of all things Christmas. Cards, paper goods, wrapping, ornaments, lights, candy, stockings, stocking stuffers, lawn decorations, tinsel, ribbon, candles, red and green socks and sweaters, even underwear. Ahh sheer consumerism.

And then I came to the Hanukkah isle. A neat, tidy little section dedicated to the Chosen People. The Hanukkah isle probably represented about 1/10,000 of the store's merchandise, it was so......manageable. And it came to me. This is it. This year I'm a Hanukkah girl and it is going to be easy and fun. I purchased a driedle covered tablecloth for $5. A menorah adhesive to put on the window. I added a stack of blue Star of David napkins and 2 packs of chocolate gelt to my cart. Wah-lah. Holiday decorations complete. Easy. The rest of my plan includes eight small gifts for each of the kids, and inviting another family over for an evening of latke eating. We will light the menorah, maybe bake a few cookies and enjoy family time. I like it.

As for Christmas? No I will not ignore the holiday entirely, it is after all my husband's tradition, and the boys love it. But I'm going to let daddy be the Christmas guy. If he wants to get a tree and mess with the lights, I'll be there cheering him on from the sofa with a cup of apple cider. I am not joining the frenzy this year. I will enjoy the neighborhood lights and the 24x7 Christmas Carols on the local light radio channel. We will fly to Denver to celebrate with family, but I'm not knocking myself out purchasing large bulky gifts that need to be shipped back and forth, we are going small scale, and I'm just going to try and enjoy the season for the beauty that it brings. I am going to focus on keeping it fun, even if it isn't picture perfect, even if we don't do it all. Maybe we will skip the long line at the mall for the shot of Zack and Evan squirming on Santa's knee. Maybe we won't have the most elaborate holiday meals, or the best decorated house on the block. But we are going to have fun.

So there.


  1. It's all about the memories, how ever you choose to create them.

  2. Good idea. You can celebrate and not stress yourself out. I think I might join in. I like the idea of keeping the gifts small and simple.

    Although we aren't going anywhere this year, I am totally dreading shipping all that stuff. It will be so much easier and nicer to ship a few simple items rather than the latest greatest gadgets.

  3. Good for you - an inspiring change of attitude. Am working on one myself....

  4. Whenever I come upon a Hanukkah section of a store I'm always a little surprised. Even though it's miniscule compared to the Christmas section (and might have Passover merchandise mixed in!) I'm always happy to find something for me. I'm glad you found a way to celebrate this year that feels right.