Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feeling a little lame

I don't remember feeling this tired or this sick with either of my other pregnancies. Yes, I recall morning sickness and a few extra naps, but nothing to this extent. I simply have an energy level of zero. Zip. Nothing. I feel as though I could nap at least four hours a day. An unlikely scenario for a working mom of two. I must say that my husband has been a real trooper picking up the extra slack with the kids, putting them to bed most nights and playing referee to the boy's daily dramas. I am hoping that soon enough I will turn the corner and start to feel more human again. For those of you whom have not heard much from me latley, please bare with me. I am simply not myself.

The benefit of my new lethargic state is that I have seen more movies in the past few weeks than I saw in all of 2008 and 2009 combined.

My mother and I recently saw Conviction with Hilary Swank. It is a very well acted true story of Betty Ann Waters, a woman who spent 18 years of her life trying to prove her convicted brother's innocence. In the end she prevails, using DNA evidence to clear Ken Waters of murder and free him from prison. It was a very good movie, one that I recommend if you can get over the unwritten epilogue. My mom and I were curoious about what happened to Ken after he was released from 18 years of captivity. We googled Mr Waters only to find that the poor fellow died in a freak accident 5 months after his release. 5 months. He fell off a 15 foot ledge while walking home from his mother's house and cracked his skull. Dead. What kind of fairy tale ending is that?

I also took the kid's to see Tangled on Friday. It is a lovely enjoyable movie. Or at least I enjoyed it. The wee ones had a different take on the flick. Evan's commentary (provided in the middle of the most moving scene) was, "Can we go see Megamind instead?" And when I asked Zachary what he thought of the film he shrugged his shoulders and informed me that it was "The second most scariest movie I have seen." Interestingly enough he could not recall what the first most scary movie was. I am guessing that since the movie did not include cars, pirates or superheros it was doomed from the get-go. You win some, you lose some.

Finally last night, the husband and I watched the cult classic Heathers. Wow. I of course had seen the movie many years ago, but I had forgotten what a dark, creepy and just plain bizarre movie it is. More than that it made me feel old. Really old. That movie came out in 1989. Winona Ryder was hot, and Christian Slater wasn't bad either. And the wardrobe . Wow. Talk about dated. It got me thinking. Winona and Christian must be pushing at least 40 now right? That number isn't so terribly far off for me either. I am closer to the dowdy middle age parents than I am the angst filled teens. Ouch.

I hope I start feeling better soon, otherwise I am going to turn into one giant couch potato who writes really boring blog posts about what I am watching on tv.


  1. The third pregnancy is harder in my experience too. Talk. About. Tired. Now that I'm third trimester, I'm back to just as tired as I was in first trimester. I'm literally napping almost every day from 2:30-3:30pm (ah the joys of a flexible work schedule.) Second trimester, however, I felt human! Don't worry!

  2. I have had the exact same experience with this one. I have about 4 good hours of energy a day and then I am toast. I keep chalking it up to being pregnant at 38 vs. 31 with my first. Not sure. Regardless, I am on the couch with you-

  3. Sorry to hear you are feel lack-luster. If your pregnancies are anything like mine, maybe you are having a girl... I felt fine with my first (boy) pregnancy and this one, a girl, has drained the life out of me.
    And I love that you just watched Heathers again. I used to know every line in that movie and would quote it often.... ahhh, good times.

  4. Remembering going through this once upon a time... My advice: keeping letting your hubs help out all he can, sleep whenever possible, watch as many movies as possible (my favorite) and eat chicken pot pies. Looking forward to getting together so you can lay on the couch and I can chase the kids ;-)