Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knock on Wood

I am afraid to put in writing. If I put it in writing the stars will align, lightning will strike and everything will be reversed. So I am going to spit twice, knock on wood and throw salt over my shoulder... and here it goes. Things are going well. Really well. Our house isn't so bad. The area is great. I love the marina, and I am actually meeting nice people. I am happy. It is like it has been too easy. So I am waiting for something bad to happen. That's how I roll. I worry. I complain. That's who I am. So to sit here and tell you, things are way better than I expected they would be, is very well, unexpected.

Today I hosted my very first playgroup in our new home. I have to give myself some kudos and say that I took some initiative to get this group together. I simply sent out an email to the Berkeley Parents Network a couple weeks ago and put it out there. I need some friends. Zack and Evan need some friends. It isn't as though I received an overwhelming response, in fact only three women actually showed up, but they were three very nice women, and a little boy Zack's age, who got along so well with him. It was a good playgroup, and I feel confident that we will see each other again soon, in fact there was already an email sent out to discuss next weeks play date.

So there you have it. A happy day. I'll leave it at that, and pray that I haven't jinxed it!


  1. It should be "Marsha" said. Don't know why David's name is here.