Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to California.

Hello Berkeley!! The Kargas family has arrived! Whats that??? Nobody gives a damn? Huh?

Our next door neighbors rolled out the welcome mat by adorning our car with a neatly written note "please do not park your car in front of our house and taking up our entire parking area. Thank you". Well nice to meet you too! Hey neighbors-did you happen to notice the enormous moving van that was parked in front of our house for 24 hours? Perhaps that would provide a hint to the reasoning behind our misguided parking. Maybe you saw the Colorado license plates-that would clue you in to the fact that we are brand-spanking new to California and would appreciate a wee-bit of kindness. Nah, it appears you are not so intuitive, or at least you seem to lack in the area of compassion. So that is how it's going to be. Well friends, I am proud to confirm that I did restrain myself from neatly writing a note and posting it on said neighbor's door proclaiming "so sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking forward to getting to know you, even if you do lack the common decency to knock on our door and introduce yourself before leaving nasty notes."

Ahhh... welcome to Cali baby.

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