Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Settled.

Yes, we survived, and we are in fact living in our new home. Most of the boxes have been cleared and we are functioning in our home, cluttered with the random remains of opened boxes (so that's where my hello kitty tooth brush has been hiding!). I am focusing mostly on the aesthetics at this point, where to hang this or that, and trying to be productive every day.

Today I checked out a preschool for Zachary, the first one. It was ugly. Just gross, and at a bargain too-around $900/month. The place was shabby, run down, and totally chaotic. Kids running everywhere, the noise was overwhelming. The director was not at all articulate, tongue tied and unable to answer basic questions. I just didn't get it. Who would actually fork over nearly a grand a month for this dirty excuse for a childcare facility?? Hoping I will have better luck tomorrow when I visit the Jewish Community Center to tour their preschool. It has to be better than today's disaster.

We have in fact ventured out of our emerging home for other outings as well. We have toured the nearby shopping areas, and I am thrilled to report that we have trendy, wonderful strips within a mile of our house. Sushi, deli, bagels, Thai, Indian, bakeries, cheese shops, spas, salons, book stores, we got it, and I love that. We have visited the local park and had a run in with a rowdy four year old who pushed Zack to the ground and called him a bad name-something to do with an asteroid, but I couldn't quite follow his reasoning. I have discovered the amazing grocery stores that the bay area has to offer and I have been shocked by the bounty of fresh produce, really? purple carrots and bell peppers? brocolinni? Thai basil? You can't find that in Denver.

Yet I am starting to feel a little lost. The husband started his job today, and after the initial house set up, I will have little to keep me occupied. Sure there will be the day to day activities of keeping the boys happy and the house in order, but I can only do some much housekeeping and park runs before I go out of my mind. Honestly, it doesn't appear to be nearly as easy to connect with other families here in Berkeley. In Denver, all I needed to do was post a message to the Highland's Mommies message board "looking for a playgroup" or "does anyone know of any fun activities going on this weekend?" and I would get instant response. There does not seem to be such a network here-and I have already had a million and one recommendations for the Berkeley Parents Network which quite honestly hasn't done much for me thus far.

The husband just informed me that it is getting on to 11:00. Past mama's bedtime. Better get myself to night-night.

PS-Looking forward to the worst the bay area has to offer in weather-we are anticipating a HUGE a-seasonal storm. Yes folks, the Kargas family has arrived....

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