Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am tired. Exhausted. Burnt out. Ready for a vacation. This being new is exciting but it is so much work. All the exploring, the shopping, the figuring out, the small talk with strangers. I want comfortable tonight. I want to wrap myself up in an easy conversation with an old friend in my old routine. Last night I was bursting with energy and the surprise of really enjoying this new city, however now that the weekend has run its course I feel a bit deflated. The weekend was fine, good even, but it left me feeling spent, and tired at the thought of all the work yet to be done, and wishing for something easy and familiar. I feel as though everything I do requires so much thought, and so much hopefulness. Hoping that a visit to the park will result in a new-found friend, that a new coffee shop will become "my spot", my comfortable place that feels like home.

Tonight I'll crawl into bed and close my eyes, and remember home. Feel my drafty bedroom in our old Victorian, and envision the route I walked to Gallup Cafe with the boys so often. I'll think of I-70 headed west to the mountains, and the heat of the sun beating down at 5280. For a brief moment I'll be there in Denver, things will be as they were before, and I can breath easily. My mini vacation, I better get to it. Good night. Sweet dreams.

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