Sunday, October 4, 2009

On The Road

We are gathered in a cheapo motel in Vernal Utah outside of Dinosaur National Monument. We have survived Day One of Operation Moving to California. We got a later start than we had anticipated as we tried to complete all the random last minute relocation duties, including the near impossible task of capturing and containing Flanders. We rolled out of town at about 10:30, after I alone shed quite a few tears as I took a last look at our now empty home. It is funny how awful a house can look when it is stripped bare of all of it's furnishings. The baseboards and walls were filthy, and the floor covered with horrifying dust bunnies. But even naked, the house felt warm with memories.

The ride through Northwestern Colorado was incredibly beautiful. The fall colors spotting the mountains reminded me just why we moved to Colorado in the first place. We stopped at a dingy little diner for lunch, one of those spots that surely was missed by the department of health, and boasts "family favorites" like frito lay casserole (no I am not kidding). The meal took too long to arrive at the table, and we were in melt down city, when the kids meatball sandwich finally arrived at the table. After an unappetizing meal we hit the road again. The boys did great. Evan slept or quietly babbled in his car seat (is he really Zack's brother?) and Zachary was in a near zombie state, mesmerized by his new dvd's (Madagascar and Dora). I passed the time with my "Going to California" play list on the Ipod.

The rain started in the late afternoon, and by the time we arrived in Vernal we realized it was too rainy and too late for a hike at Dinosaur. So we opted for dinner at a fine Vernal establishment, one that offered an interesting wine list "chardonnay or merlot", and baked potatoes after 5. And now here we are at 8:20, all in the same room. David is reading the boys "fox and the hound", and I am wondering if we should even bother trying to put the little monkeys to bed before we turn in, and if I really want to shut the lights out at 8:30....

Tomorrow we are off to the Fab Salt Lake City and the Mormon Tabernacle. It doesn't get any better than this.

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