Sunday, June 30, 2013

The truth about Denver

Did I mention I have a walk-in closet? Maybe that is the #1 best! 

So little time for blogging these days, but so very much to write, but with time short and knowing my audience has better things to do than read a novel penned by an author with a poor grasp of grammar, I will do a summary.

Five best things about Denver:

1) People. Enough said

2) Coors Field. Such a beautiful ball-park. We went to our first Rockies game of the season on Friday night and the kids (sans, Julian who was left in the care of a friend) had a blast. And all that ice-cold Coors Light. Need I say more ?

Let's Go Rockies!
3) Restaurants. Denver, and specifically this neighborhood is EXPLODING with awesome places to eat and drink. When we purchased this home in 2005 there was one lonely coffee shop around the corner and some Mexican restaurants that had seen better days. Now it is block after block of  hip, fancy-pants or mom & pop restaurants, not to mention there is a frozen yogurt place four blocks from home. Trouble. All of this has done wonders for the potential sale price of this house!

4) Thunder & Lightening. Since we have been back we have enjoyed two awesome storms. Dark skies, lightening and heavy rain. The boys (sans Julian who was scared) were thrilled, and so was I.
Me & My Bestie

5) Convenience: Since our return, I have yet to have to circle the parking lot at the local Safeway more than once in order to find a parking spot. No need to plug a meter and get all three kids out of the car when wanting to grab a coffee... STARBUCKS DRIVE THROUGH praise the LORD.  Forget about freeway traffic just to get to Target, you can get there in 5 minutes using regular residential streets. Hallelujah!

Five worst things about life in Denver

1) You can't buy anything stronger than 3.2 beer at the grocery store. No, no. Instead, I have to go to an actual liquor store to stock up on wine. Talk about a pain in the-tushie. Maybe not a big deal if you aren't carting around three kids when you shop, but, ahem, I  AM and mama needs her wine-hassle free!

2) All these freaky in-shape people. Going to the gym is becoming a bit traumatizing for me. I REALLY miss Tracy at my beloved Oakland YMCA who lead our "Body Sculpt" class, which was accessible, required no coordination or cute coordinating spandex outfit. I am so out of my element here.

3) Weather. Man I miss those absolutely perfect 70 degree bay-area summer days. Denver summers are hot. And dry. My skin is already turning scaly.

4) Produce? What produce?

5) No ocean. Anywhere. Duh.

My Denver Girls! 


  1. I will be back to Colorado for a visit in a couple of weeks. Can't wait- I miss it!!

  2. Thanks rachel for comment on my Prada post. Totally agree now have had a look beyond the actual clothing - they are particularly skeletal and expressionless - almost to the point of parody. Wonder if Miuccia was in fact creating a kind of "zombie Chic" perhaps?
    Well called.
    PS Hair looking good!