Monday, June 10, 2013

Just How Old Am I Anyways?

Hmmm. do I think I'm going to prom?
Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself... um exactly how old am I? Maybe it's because you can't believe the number of candles on your birthday cake, or maybe it is because you see your  childhood friend posting pictures of a son or daughter who is older than you were when you initially met. Perhaps you are just amazed at the fact that your sitting with your other middle-age friends discussing "kids these days" when really you still feel like a child yourself much of the time. My latest moment came this past Saturday night as I stood in a black satin gown puking on the sidewalk in front of my house at 9:45pm, Yes the HOW THE HELL OLD ARE YOU ANYWAYS? thought crossed my mind.

Saturday night was a girl's night in honor of our departure for Denver. I invited my best girlfriends for cocktails at an Oakland lounge. We met early and I told my husband that I would return early, after all, we are a bunch of old gals now. I dressed up, wearing a strapless black dress I had recently purchased at my favorite consignment store. I knew I was likely overdressed, but figured, what the hell, when do I ever get to get really dolled up? We aren't invited to weddings anymore. Heck, I think I'm done with all the baby showers too, that is how stinking old I'm getting!

Me and Tamara! 
The evening was awesome. We had light appetizers and I drank some good red wine. I chatted and laughed with my girls and when 8:00 rolled around I wondered if anyone would want to continue the evening or if we would be calling it a night. The bill was paid and we stepped outside. It took me a minute to realize that the shiny black limo was there for us. My amazing girlfriends surprised me. I jumped up and down like I had just won the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right. We hopped in the limo and immediately

The whole gang
more wine was poured. We drove around for about twenty minutes snapping pictures and eventually made our way up to the Claremont Hotel to see the beautiful view.

That was when I started to feel...ill. And not just a little ill. A whole heck of a lot ill. At first I tried to push it away. I couldn't get sick one hour into my limo ride! Had I really had that much to drink?

Apparently however much I had, coupled with the driving limo was in fact...too much. I had to go home. There was no choice. Over-served, underfed, and too damn old. As soon as we got in front of my house I exited the beautiful limo, my friend Mindy helping me to the door, when I just couldn't help myself and barfed up four glasses of red wine on the pavement. WOW. What am I 20? No! I'm too damn old for this. In the old days, I might have laughed it off, but that night I felt just plain foolish. I'm a grown mama of three kids, what the heck am I doing puking in public?

And seeing as I am so ancient my hangover lasted not one, but two days. I don't bounce back like I used to.

In the end, I feel incredibly lucky to have the kind of friends who would plan such an amazing evening for me, and even luckier that they love me even when I'm making a complete and utter fool of myself.

Love you ladies, so very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Friends like these are rare. xoxox

Another amazing lady.

Check out the matching purple cast!


  1. Oh, bummer, sorry to hear your night had to end early! I know what you mean, though, I had a night last summer last night, and you just want to kick yourself. We're too old, should no better, bla bla. But, sometimes you misjudge. Ah, well. Though really, nothing makes me feel older (and not like the 23 year old I am in my head) then the occasions where I am hanging out with someone in the early twenties.

    On a bright note, your hair looks great!

  2. I guess some things, like queasy stomachs, we're never too old for! I'm very chronologically-minded so, unfortunately, I never forget how old I am. I'd like to right about now, but I can't. And it is funny, how you cycle through weddings and then baby showers and suddenly (trust me on this) you're the old mom - you're not there yet - and you have the teenagers or college-aged kids. Sigh.

  3. SO FUN!!!! Glad you got a fun night out with your girlfriends!!! Personally, I can only have two glasses of wine now before feeling not so great, so good for you for making it to four... :D

  4. don't worry. Sadly, I have these "I am too old for this" moments quite frequently. Reminds us that it is, after all, good to grow up (eventually).

  5. I love your honesty! It just ain't right to look that good and feel that bad! If it makes you feel any better, last week I threw up on the bus while touring Wales in the U K with a bunch of 20 year old college students......

  6. Very nice purple cast.How did she break her leg?Hope she feels better and doesnt have any pain.