Monday, June 17, 2013

Greetings, from St. George, Uthah

Fun pre-injury day at pool!
If nothing went wrong my blog would be boring right? Well I cannot have a boring blog. Wouldn't hear of it.

The trip thus far has been less than perfect, but nothing unexpected. Travel times have been longer than we planned, there was a 1.5 hour delay as we passed through Las Vegas, staring at the strip, unable to move due to an accident. There have been crabby kids and sub-par meals, but all and all nothing *terrible.* (Everything can be remedied with M&M's and Doritos when you are under 8.)

Oh, yeah... Fruitloops for breakfast. Open up the pearly gates.
Yesterday we had a beautiful day in Zion National Park. It was prettier than I had remembered from visits many years ago. The cliffs of red rock are specatuclar, the waterfalls and hanging gardens refreshing. We took a short hike, since the the heat was intense, dined on hot dogs and soft serve, and waded, skipping rocks in the  crystal clear river. Our hotel in St. George Utah has contential breakfast which is the absolute JACKPOT when you are 5 and 7. They have what I have coined "candy cereal" reserved for vacations and birthdays (fruit loops, cocoa puffs and frosted flakes,) toaster waffles, stale muffins and Tang-like orange juice. Kid heaven.

Zion National Park. (Before Evan's epic melt-down)
The hotel is also home to a lovely little pool which is essential for a summer stay in Utah. Yesterday we had an absolute blast playing keep away in the cool water, jumping, splashing and busting a gut as David made fun of my throwing capabilities. (Apparently I throw like a *girl*.)  It was some awesome family bonding time, and I ended the day feeling all sappy-happy about my life. I do admit that I cringed once,
Catching drops from the waterfall.


as I jumped for the water-football, landing wrong on my right ankle, but the pain was fleeting and I quickly forgot it.

This morning as we were headed to the eagerly anticipated breakfast of champions in the lobby of the the Towne Place Suites of Marriott, my ankle ached. As I munched on my sad Sara Lee plain Bagel with cream cheese the pain grew more and more intense. By the time the boys had sucked down the last drops of the Fruitloop flavored milk I had decided I needed an x-ray. I could hardly walk.

Hot new fashion accessory.
A trip to the St. George urgent care yielded an ankle brace and the news that while nothing was broken, I had likely pulled a tendon and there is significant swelling. I was informed that the likelihood of a fracture undetected by x-ray was very small (I have heard that one before), and that ice, rest, and compression should clear things up in approximately four weeks. Fantastic. No big deal. Except that we are in the middle of a cross country move!

I took the day *off*, we stayed in St. George, rather than press on, I sat on my tush while my husband managed the boys in the pool and at the park. I am in pain but tomorrow we press on to Moab. Hopefully my ankle will allow for pressing the gas and break pedals. Wednesday night we hope to arrive at my sister's in Eerie Colorado, I haven't seen her for almost two years.
Sad on the sidelines.

I hope to heal quickly. I want to start running new routes in Denver and preparing for the Rock N' Roll 1/2 marathon, but mostly I want to be able to get around as we unpack boxes and start setting up our Denver home.

Please wish me luck as we continue on our journey to the Rockies!


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  2. Please keep us posted. This will be a story yor kids will tell their kids!

  3. I can only imagine what travelling with 3 boys and a husband is like. When I was the 'only girl in town' my boys were 4 and 2. I loved it!

    I hope your ankle heals quickly. It is what it is - so just take it easy! Things may take longer than expected, but it will all get done. I do wish you luck and good meds.

  4. OMG! You totally weren't kidding when you said we were on the exact same trip.