Monday, January 21, 2013

I went to Sundance and all I got was this Stupid T-Shirt

What can I tell you about Sundance? It was a whirlwind. A gluttonous universe of overindulgence. Beautiful people. Money. Fashion. Celebrity. Genius. Arrogance.

Mojitos way too early
My trip was amazing for many reasons. Top of the list might simply be a weekend without kids, but in addition I was lavished with free drinks, food and many, many water bottles. I rode in a car with Nate Ruess. Nate Ruess. For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, he is vocals for FUN. I fell in love with the band this past spring when a friend introduced me to their unbelievably catchy tune "We Are Young." I shook his hand, made fun of his last name and rode in a freaking car with one of my favorite musicians. Unbelievable.

Me & Nate Ruess. We are so BFF now

I met John Popper of Blues Traveler. I spotted Michael Cera. Stevie Nicks. David Grohl.

I watched my husband at his finest, putting on the amazing CatDance festival. We drank cat cocktails, watched cat videos, wore cat ears and got temporary cat tattoos all while listening to some famous D.J spin tunes. It was a blast.
Cat Tatto!

We saw a couple of amazing movies. Sound City and Blood Brothers. Blood Brother was particularly memorable and moving and I encourage everyone I know to see this when it comes out. It was an ironic movie to see while at Sundance. The film is a documentary about Rocky, a regular guy, who gives up everything to live and work in India at an AIDS orphanage. It was a room full of privileged wealthy people viewing  a movie about people who have nothing. Talk about juxtaposition.

I wasn't ready to come home. Who would be? While it was a bit grotesque to see rich people collecting free designer boots and bags while the rest of us slops got nothing, and the pace was hard to keep up with it was a wonderful escape from reality. For one weekend I lived and breathed the same air as the rich and famous. I was "on the list" and wore pretty clothes. I danced and drank and slept in late.

I'll never forget my weekend at Sundance...


  1. Sounds awesome! Nate Ruess has an amazing voice - so impressive. I'm a wee bit jealous. :)

  2. So so so fun! Glad you got an amazing weekend sans kiddos! :)

  3. Sounds awesome (trying to make us jealous)? PS ur hair is looking pretty.