Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

The camera loves me. How could it not? Just look at me. The picture of messy, beautiful imperfection.

That applesauce crusted in my hair? It shows my zest for life. I love food so much I would roll around in it.

My crazy random long hairs, curled around my sticky face? Angelic.

The diaper peaking up out of my pants, which ill-fitted, hang just a bit off my tush? It's a fashion statement. All the cool toddlers are doing it.

The ketchup stains on my hand-me-down-all-my-mom-got-me-from-vegas-was-this-stupid-tshirt? They are there because I'm simply too hip for a bib.

It's clear I am gorgeous. Why else would people whip out their cameras whenever they are in my presence?

So go ahead snap my picture. I'll smile and say "CHEESE!" at the top of my little lungs.


  1. Two more avid photographers arrive tomorrow. Keep smiling and saying "cheese"!