Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vacation Rental Property: Looking for something different?

Tired of those stuffy vacation rental properties that are so pristine you are afraid to touch anything? Bored of those sterile homes with gleaming counter-tops and organized closets? Looking for something a little more "homey?"

Come visit the Kargas family home in Oakland Ca. We have a comfortable property in the heart of Oakland, so close to the bus stop you can hear the bus pass by. Each. And. Every. Time. We have three bedrooms, four baths and a large kitchen that has clearly been loved. You will feel right at home in our spacious three story home, and you won't feel the least bit concerned about keeping the place tidy. Our home will evoke fond memories of your eccentric great aunt, the cat lady, who couldn't remember which day was trash day.

What is more, our home comes with three of your very own personal assistants! That's right, three little "helpers" who will be at your side day and night. Your helpers will provide you with meal recommendations, and will thoughtfully critique your cooking, constantly. They will provide you with entertainment, reenacting WWW II and initiating food fights. There is a complementary wake up call, provided every day at 6:45am, so you will be sure not to miss a thing! Our helpers are so diligent, that they will likely check on you several times throughout the night, making sure there have been no monster invasions, or that you haven't (also) wet the bed.

Interested? We are available any time, and our prices are very reasonable. Leave us a comment below and we can discuss availability!


  1. always make me laugh. Your 'vacation rental' sounds a lot like my house. :) I still can't remember which days are trash days.

  2. It sounds kind of like a frat house...with smaller guys ;-)

  3. Sounds like Chez Newlin, where I live. Except the wake up call here is at 5:45 and you get to share the bed with dogs and cats!
    So glad that at least someone else has a house sort of like mine. ;)

  4. Hahaha!! I've got a similar vacation home in Wisconsin. But instead of the bus, our neighbors get arrested on a regular basis. :)

  5. Hey, we might take you up on that!