Monday, September 24, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese, Where a kid can be a kid & a grown up can stab their eye out with a (plastic) fork.

My kids see a birthday mecca, the Holy Land of youthful celebrations.

I see a birthday party factory, a generic excuse for us parents too exhausted to host the real deal.

My kids see a kick-ass party table just for them!

I see an overbooked "restaurant" where kids are packed in like rats and sweaty parents keep falling over each other trying to snap a picture of the birthday boy giving a bored teenager in a musty rat costume a high-five.

My kids see delicious pizza served up on colorful Chuck. E. Cheese plates.

I see see a microwaved food product and a great deal of plastic utensil waste.

My kids see awesome games as an opportunity to earn tickets and win killer prizes.

I see the future: a temper-tantrum after they either a) realize that their 800 tickets will only buy them a pencil and a tootsie roll or b) their piece of crap plastic missile launcher breaks in two after the first use.

My kids see their friends having an awesome time.

I see flustered parents wishing they served something a little stronger than Bud Light.

My kids see goodie bags with fabulous gifts. I  forsee a heap of plastic junk on my living room floor, and later in a landfill.

My son sees a mom and dad who gave them just what he wanted for his birthday. He smiles and tells me how great the party was and I....

See a boy who I would do just about anything for, even if that means another party with the rat.


  1. What a beautiful post! Made me teary. I remember your parties at places like that and how happy you were. sunrise, sunset. Ok. I'm done for now :)

  2. Its look is fabulous, I like your yummy birthday Cake. For kids, birthday party should be a fun thing and you have done brilliant things for it.

  3. I thank God nightly that my children hate going there. The best thing that ever happened to our family was when Chuck smacked my daughter in the face! (It was accidental. She was running up from behind and Chuck was excitedly flailing.) You are an AWESOME mommy!!