Monday, September 10, 2012

My (not) Running Comeback

Maybe my last run ever? :(
It has been a while since I have posted. I had planned a whole "Running Comeback" series, and even took this cute picture of Zack and I on Labor Day after he took his bike and joined me on my run around the lake. It was a great bonding moment, and I was thrilled, until a couple of hours later my ankle started to swell.... and hurt. As it turns out our Labor Day jog will probably be my last in a very long time. I fractured my right ankle again, this time on the other side. It is a stress fracture presumably brought on by my light running. Not only am I back in the dreadful boot again, unable to exercise or walk my kids to school, I'm in pain and left wondering what the hell is going on with my body?  My ankle specialist recommended I get a bone density test to see if my bones are thinning. I am a prime candidate for early bone loss, I have a small frame and tiny bones. I am anxiously waiting for my primary care doctor to authorize a test.

If I do have some sort of osteoporosis, I suppose it isn't the end of the world. I am sure there are drugs and vitamins I can take, but it worries me. What will my body be like in another twenty years? Do I have to give up running and high-impact exercise all together? I'm only 38.  

 So this week has been a difficult one. I have more to share, but that story is not my own. We have people close to us who are going through some difficult times, and it has hung a sad dark cloud over our recent days. With worry for them, it does make my own problems seem small.

Sorry for the less-than-witty-doom-and-gloom post. I have wanted to write something, but this is all I can come up with today.


  1. That is truly bad news, so sorry to hear :(. Maybe you can learn to love bike riding with your boys when your ankle heals?
    Take care.

  2. I am sure there is still some good cardio work u could do, but I am so sorry to hear about the running. :'( Praying for some good news and for your ankle to heal!!!

  3. Oh, bummer. Getting older is the pits. I feel like my body is fallling apart before my eyes! Hope you can figure out what is going on and start finding something that helps!