Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Gift For You!

This has been a long summer of sitting on my tush. With my busted ankle, I have had a lot of time to hang out on Facebook, something my “friends” are brutally aware of.  I have posted no fewer than several hundred “adorable” pictures of my kids and nearly daily updates on the status of my hair transformation project.  Yes.  I am a Facebook junkie.
And guess what? Now I have another reason to spend time on my favorite social networking site. I can send presents to my friends… for FREE. It’s a very cool idea, brought to us by the geniuses at the social gifting service Embly. Because I am so well connected, (play along with me now) I was privileged to be one of the first to try Embly out and I have to say it is pretty slick.
How does it work? Embly finds the important events in your friends’ lives and works with retailers to create free gifts that you can use to celebrate them, Your friend gets a thoughtful gift, the retailer gets a visitor from a valued or new customer, and you get the thanks!
Essentially, I can hop on Embly and send a free gift, buy a gift card, or just send a message to any of my friends via Facebook or email. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and I look like I really care. (Because, duh, of course I do.) 
So far I have been really impressed with the retailer selection including Bloom, Diamond Candles, Shutterfly, and ShoeDazzle.  I was gifted a $15 card to Bloom, the leading social beauty network where you can get tips from pros and shop their recommended products, and I bought a lip gloss I adore.  I have given the Bloom gift card to several of my friends for no reason at all, and now my lucky readers, I am giving you a gift card as well! (Okay, those geniuses over at Embly are making this possible.) All you have to do is click my link to get a free $15 at Bloom, and then you too can start in the gifting/shopping fun!  Bonus points for you if you leave a comment and tell me what you picked out.

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Thank you so much for letting us know about this cool service....and for the freebie.
    Sadly, I do not do Facebook....I avoid it at all costs actually....
    But, I appreciate your thoughtfulness just the same!