Friday, July 20, 2012

Marissa Mayer? Kargas Inc. Celebrates Their Own CEO

Kargas Inc Employees Celebrate Greatest CEO Ever. 

There has been a great deal of chatter about Yahoo's new female CEO, Marissa Mayer. With her impressive resume, her gigantic salary (estimates have been made that she is eligible for $59M in compensation over the next several years), her dedication to her career (maternity leave? three weeks should be plenty!). This 37 year old dynamite seems to have it all. While we at Kargas Inc applaud her success, we would prefer to celebrate our very own, CEO, Rachel Kargas, also 37 years old.

While Rachel may not have the same earning potential as Mayer, she is no less dedicated to her role as leader of her up and coming organization. Rachel works tirelessly and in fact, it has been reported that she has only taken 2 vacation days away from the company in the past several years. The organization's energetic leader has been known to work 15-16 hour days on a regular basis, complaining only *minimally*

While it is true that Mayer has a big job, leading an organization worth billions (and billions) of dollars, with thousands of employees, Ms. Kargas has her work cut out for her. Although she has a staff of only four (seven if you include furry contractors), and Kargas Inc. apparently has basically $0 in revenue, it is a dynamic organization. Rachel is responsible for mentoring challenging, but high potential staff. The employees, while potentially brilliant, require constant supervision and have been known to be immensely demanding. As a show of loyalty to her staff Ms. Kargas  has implemented a highly controversial no-termination policy, which states that no employee of Kargas Inc can quit or be fired....ever. Kargas claims that this encourages leadership to invest more fully in developing the employee base.

Finally, while Mayer has set an interesting precedent with her own 3 week/work from home maternity leave plan, Ms. Kargas is vocal in providing work/life balance for the men and women of her organization. She believes that employees should only be required to attend conference call meetings after labor is completed, and that they should only be required to work while the baby is sleeping for the first four weeks of the child's life.*****

So please join Kargas Inc in celebrating their fearless leader and CEO, Rachel Kargas. While Marissa Mayer may make the big bucks.... Ms. Kargas doesn't need to have it all.

**** Please note sarcasm here.


  1. I salute you, Ms. Kargas! These Kargas, Inc. posts never fail to crack me up.

  2. Love this one, Ms. Kargas.

  3. Yeah, Mayer is freakin' crazy. She pretty much works 24/7, and that 3 weeks of maternity leave is supposed to be a "working" vacation! She has her work life balance firmly balanced on the work. Sounds like a miserable life! But, hey, useful for those companies!

  4. BRILLIANT! Laughing still! Love the controversial no termination policy! Not even open to a review!...I recommend a $59 million pay rise for Ms Kargas immediately. Believe that she is probably contributing something more valuable to the nations future than is Mayer. I mean Yahoo? It's not like they're curing cancer....