Monday, July 30, 2012

Better Post Next Time

I have been quiet lately. Blogging has taken a backseat to a "hectic" summer schedule. "Hectic" because with my foot in this boot I have personally been doing a lot of sitting, which has been hard for me. But the week is busy dropping off and picking up from various camps, working, visitors, and the usual "upkeep" of the house. "Upkeep" because I am barely keeping up. The house is constantly in a state of filth and disaster, but I try. Lord do I try.

I have not been blogging much. We have been busy, and perhaps I have been a tad bit uninspired, a wee bit down in the dumps. It turns out I am a very active person, and when I am forced to stand still I go a little nutty.

The summer is speeding by. We are about to enter August, usually my most favorite month of the year. It is  packed with outdoor activity, and has the added bonus of being the month of my wedding anniversary and  birthday. I used to love my birthday. This year is year number 38, and suddenly, I'm not loving it so much. I don't want to be 38. I would prefer 28 thank you very much. Now, with the lack of physical activity and a birthday I would almost like to forget***, I'm not so into August.

This past weekend my friend Erin visited from Boston. Erin is one of those easy friends, the kind where conversation seems to come naturally and I know she is always there. If she were still living here, I would have a friend to meet for spontaneous play dates, coffee or cocktails. I miss her terribly. Friends like Erin are hard to find. It was so refreshing to spend the weekend with her!

Julian has learned to climb the stairs, which has created a whole host of problems. It took me a moment to realize he was a Master Climber. It was a day last week when I was in the kitchen cleaning up dinner and realized that Julian was out of sight. It turned out that he had made it all the way upstairs, into my office. He was playing in the litter box. Of course he was. What could be more fun (when you are fourteen months?) We have since installed a gate, but it keeps falling down, and often leaves Julian wailing at it's door, wanting nothing more than to scale the stairs and make his way back to the beloved cat box. 

Zack and Evan are their old mischievous selves. Fighting, making messes and never doing as they are told. (Like shutting off the jets in the bathtub. See picture for bubble bath disaster.)

So there you have it, a random ramble of what's going on in my life today.

Better post next time.

Notice my fashionable boot. Hot.

***Husband/friends/family: If you are reading this please note that I said almost. I do not actually want you to forget my birthday. Do. Not. Forget. Thank you.


  1. You underestimate how much moving around you are actually doing! I know it's not really exercise or fun, but you do not spend much time sitting! Oy about the cat box. Should we be concerned about toxoplasmosis due to direct contact w cat poop? Just saying. You are amazing and do a great job of managing things

  2. 38! Pretty awesome! I just read a quote the other day...something like "do not dread getting older...some people do not have that good fortune." Kind of put it in perspective for me as I stare down the barrel of the big 5-0 coming at me next spring! So great that you and Erin got to hang out...she is so nice! I'll bet your August is spectacular :)

  3. Cute boot!!! Is that Christian Louboutin?? ;)

    Hooray for good friends! Cool pics- I like the one with the kids. They look like floating heads in a cloud of bubbles, ha.

  4. oh man, the litter box. yuck! I caught phoebe playing in the toilet(which hadn't been flushed) a few weeks ago. Straight into the bath!