Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Let's see. I've either had a baby attached to my breast, strapped to my torso, or bouncing in my arms. If per chance, Julian is sleeping in his bassinet or in daddy's arms, then I'm vacuuming, breaking up World War III over who has the most goldfish crackers, folding laundry or wiping someones rear end. It's a glamours life, no lie.

Blogging has been next to impossible. Not that I haven't had some brilliant ideas for my next post....

  • Other uses for the 12 foot long baby wrap I purchased, but am not smart enough to utilize.

  • McDonald's-why they suck, but why it's our own damn fault.

  • The night nurse from hell.

  • Our family-the least popular family of my son's preschool. The first family to have nobody sign up to assist with new baby meal deliveries. Bitter much?

  • Pump It Up! The birthday factory.

  • Father's Day. Huh?

Ahh, but the baby is crying, all of these ideas will have to wait for a better time...whenever that may be.


  1. Pump It UP... rocking party place, fo' sho'!

    And I have been the non-recipient of the new baby meal a few times... what is up with people? It isn't like a freakin' shower where you might not need as much when you have more kids... YOU NEED THE HELP!

    I need to come over...

  2. I hate when I can think of a ton of amusing blog posts but have no time to write them! Thanks for the summary. That, too, was funny!

    Meals are important. I don't think we got any with our 2nd and the first, due to his prematurity, was a blur, but I got a ton when I had brain surgery. It was amazing, and loving, and everything. Also, the food lasted two days each...

    And I've had quite a few b-day parties at Pump it Up myself. I mean, the best party I ever had was at my house, but I only had that much energy once!

    Thinking of you!

  3. I recently brought a neighbor a batch of muffins when they had their first child, and was chewed out for it. I suppose being nice is out of fashion... but you bet that if I was your neighbor, you'd be getting a bunch of goodies from us!

  4. What?! No meals!!Who the hell is in charge of that Meal Train? Once I made six different meals pretending they were from six different people just so the new mom wouldn't feel bad. You need dinners - STAT! And I need to have a little heart-to-heart with that coordinator...