Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Update

I know that I should write something, keep you all coming back, but I am feeling a bit blank tonight. So here is the update: Work is stressful. Husband is sick. We are suppose to be embarking upon an over-night adventure to the "Avenue Of The Giants"(complete with campfire & smores) tomorrow and I am wondering how that is going to work with a husband who has the stomach flu. I just polished off some really bad pizza and watched a completely depressing episode of Dateline, which featured stories of two innocent 20-somethings, senselessly murdered. I sobbed and identified with the parents. I decided that I totally despise my skinny jeans which make me feel anything but slender (hello.... muffin top?)

This afternoon I got pissed off at a nanny whom I encountered at our neighborhood playground. She subsequently abandoned the 8 month old baby she was "watching" in a swing for a good five minutes while she took another child to the restroom. (Have you ever heard of kidnapping?) I pray that I have employed a nanny with more common sense.
I have questioned (again) if my five year olds complete lack of interest in me is normal and I have prematurely determined that he is going to hate me for a good portion of his life.

That should pretty much get you up to speed.

Until next time....


  1. Hang in there Mama! Tomorrow will be great. Is your 5 year old in kindergarten? While my kindergartener is glued to me at home, he pretty much waves me goodbye at school even if I'm sticking around. 5 year olds are complex creatures.

  2. Too bad I'm not in Berekely. Sounds like a good time for a mother-daughter wine, dinner and movie night!

  3. I love that you are just TRUTHFUL about stuff! Sometimes, despite our best intentions, there's just stuff going on. Flu stuff, work stuff, kid stuff, stupid-other-people's-nanny stuff.

    I am a Humboldt State alum and got a bit psyched when you said you were heading up that way! Hope you make it.

  4. My weekend sounded exactly like yours. Heres to new weeks and new beginnings!