Sunday, September 5, 2010

Late 80's-high fashion freshman.

Shall we call me Negative Nancy? Debbie Downer? A fair description. I think it is time to lighten it up a bit don't you?

An old friend from high school recently posted some photos circa 1989. Freshman year. Madison West High. Wow. I never wanted to believe it. I didn't want to believe that I would someday flip the dusty pages of an old photo album and say "What was I thinking?" I wanted to trust that my fashion choices would stand the test of time. I didn't choose bell bottoms, polyester or horn rimmed glasses. Nope,when I was a teenager, I was all cutting edge.

Perms. Big bangs. Baggy leather jackets, Molly Ringwald. Braces?

As I review these photos it's pretty clear cut. This "look" is DATED. I am very much a cliche of the late 80's.

And it gave me a good laugh. Go ahead, have a chuckle, it's on me.


  1. CHUCKLE! I had so much product in my hair that year that it stuck straight out at the sides. And this was the desired effect.

  2. I remember marveling at on of my sisters' weddings at how great the guys looked in their powder blue tuxes. Yes, in 1983! I guess everything ends up looking dated eventually, even the stuff today will.

  3. 20 below zero and you never zipped your jacket!!

  4. It is so very funny looking at old photos and seeing the hair styles and clothes and thinking how did I ever think that was cool/fashionable/pretty/smart or whatever. No doubt twenty years from now we will say that about the photos we take today too :-)

  5. I'm sorry but I think you look ADORABLE. Especially in the blue.

    Yes, seriously.

  6. There's nothing like old photos to put a smile on my face!