Saturday, September 11, 2010


For Zachary's fifth birthday I am required to make a photo collage for his preschool class. Pictures of every year of his life on poster board.

I love it. Last weekend I recruited Zachary to help me with the project. We went to the craft store and picked out a giant piece of stiff paper printed with balloons. We came home and gathered our supplies, tape, scissors, markers and oh right, photos. We went through our albums and easily selected pictures for Zack's first, second and third years. Pictures of birthday parties, picnics and hikes. Easy-peasey. Until we get to year four.

And I realize.

We don't have a single photo printed from the last year. Really nothing after Evan's first birthday. What kind of parent am I anyway? Sure the pictures are there in digital land, but we don't look at them. There are no albums to page through on a rainy Saturday afternoon. There are no photos to frame on the mantel, or to paste on poster board for a preschool project. I have always been so good about this in the past. I have shelves full of photo albums starting from my college years. I arranged them carefully and sometimes even added "clever" commentary. Sure this can all be done now on Facebook , but in my opinion, there is something about an actual picture you can hold in your hands.

So last week I ordered 245 pictures from Shutterfly. 245. So I went overboard.

Oh and the end result after reviewing endless photographs of my family and I?

I am officially growing out my hair. Lord help us all.

Favorite photos of the year:

Zack's 4th Birthday (Notice the giant gash on his forehead. He had eight stitches earlier that day!)

Evan at Gymboree. Where did that baby go?

Golden Gate Park. I lost that hat. I liked that hat.

Oakland Zoo-Zack wearing his Purim costume

Brothers finally showing some love!


  1. So cute! What a gorgeous family you have.

  2. I liked that hat, too! Have you seen that Target ad where the girl says "I totally wear hats...". I felt better reading this post, since I have YEARS of my family's history in digital land, and I swear if I ever print them Shutterfly will become the guardian of my son's college fund. Seriously. I love your pics, I'm a Bay Area person, too! Spent many, many hours at Oakland Zoo when mine were little...we always bought the annual pass.

  3. Ohhhhh, such cute pictures.

    And I'm guilty of photos in digital land. But I have to admit, I don't look at albums, either so what is the solution?

  4. Really, I don't mean to be primitive, but that's exactly why I hate digital cameras so much. If the pictures ever leave our cameras it's a miracle. Then they sit in our computer in all these files that are date numbered by my scientific husband. There's never really a print. What I want is what I always had - developing at the drugstore and a sheaf of pics in my hand!

  5. Happy Birthday Zack! We used to make mini photo albums for the boys to share on their birthdays when they were in Montessori School at that age.
    It's funny how times have changed. I had "real" photos for my oldest now 10 but by the time my youngest, now 9 was born, everything was digital and printed on a color printer.

    At least we have our blogs!