Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toddler Take Down-Got Milk?

Here it is-my chance to make millions. A diet plan. Inspired by my son. I'll write a book. Make a DVD. Consult with celebrities.Create a partnership with the Milk Board. This is it.

Evan's Toddler Take Down.

Daily Meal Plan.

Breakfast: 1/8 cup honey nut cheerios with exactly 3 blueberries. 1 cup low fat milk.

Snack: Six stale raisins found in one's car seat. Must be eaten slowly, for they are very old, and very hard.

Lunch: One hot dog with ketchup, 1/2 cup macaroni and cheese, green beans. Lick the ketchup off hot dog, discard rest of meal immediately. 1 cup low fat chocolate milk to be consumed in one large gulp, half of which will be poured down front of shirt.

Snack: 8 goldfish crackers. 2 snack size packs of Mandarin oranges and.....1/2 cup milk.

Dinner: One bite of homemade vegetarian lasanga, chewed then spit back out on to anyone else's plate. 4 peas. 1 tablespoon of yogurt. 1 cup Milk.

Follow this diet and you will be toddler size in no time.

Good luck.


  1. Hmm, sounds like my toddler is taking notes from your toddler. Except he has begun to fling himself against the cabinet that contains crackers and other assorted snacks and yells, "crack! crack!"

    P.S. Thanks for chiming in on my post at the Mommyhood Memos! Loving your blog already.

  2. Oh to be toddler-sized once again! Sounds like your son has the right idea. :) Just linked to your blog from Mommyhood Memos' post today. Being a mom who works outside the home, I can definitely relate to your comments shared. And from your blog it looks as though you're able to balance the two lives and doing the best you can for your cute little boy!

  3. Bounced over from Mommyhood Memos. I couldn't agree more with you on one of the drawbacks of working is feeling disconnected.

    Nice meeting you!

  4. Oh so similar to my daughter except that she would eat the pasta - pasta and pizza being just about the only savory meals she will eat, with the odd bit of chicken thrown in. At least he drinks milk, we have yet to crack that one.

  5. Your toddler and mine are on the same meal plan! He likes the ketchup which he calls "sauce" and dips his fingers in and then licks them. Nice. String beans, I always feel good putting them on the plate only to hear "Yuck!" Guess it could be worse!?

  6. Every morning, Benjy asks for oatmeal, then wrinkles up his nose at it when we make it and says "donlike". He'll drink milk, and eat ketchup, and corn flakes, and pudding. That's pretty much it.