Monday, April 5, 2010

He packed his shoes

Sometimes it's the little things. That set me off. Last night it was the fact that my husband asked me where is running shoes were. He was packing his suitcase getting ready to leave on a business trip that will keep him far from home until Thursday evening. I launched into him.

"So your going to have time to exercise while your gone then? Huh. I'll be lucky if I get to take a 30 second shower." I pouted.

He gave me the look of death and left the room. He had every right.

It is just that I am jealous of those trips. I have never had the opportunity to travel for work, and I know that I have an unrealistic picture of what it might be like. I see an empty hotel room with a big bed, and a movie channel. I see a bathroom that someone else cleans. I see quiet. A night where no children wake you up because they wet the bed or because the need their covers "fixed". I see fancy client dinners on the company dime. Sure I know he is there for work, but in some ways, it seems like a vacation.

No, no he assures me, this is definitely not the case. Business travel gets tiring. The hours are long, and the client dinners seem endless. The hotel is always noisy or cold, and he never gets that much rest. He has to wake up early, and has no time to himself. He misses his kids.

But, he packed his running shoes. His running shoes. He has time to run. That is something. And you know what? If he has time to run, he probably has time for other things as well. I bet he is out with coworkers drinking martinis right now. I'll bet he has steak for dinner. I'll bet he sleeps just fine in that hotel room tonight.

Okay, and if he does, why should I begrudge him? He is the breadwinner after all and he has to take these trips. So why shouldn't he enjoy himself? Would it make me feel better if I knew he was shivering in a freezing cold cockroach infested hotel? Would I be happier thinking he was forced to eat McDonald's every night? Of course not.

Well maybe just a little.


  1. oh for a night in a hotel with just me and an ambien...sweet relief :)

  2. Hah hah ha! I totally hear you on that one!

  3. ok, you would guess that i would have to chime in on this one. i always take my running shoes on my business trips and i have taken 11 trips thus far this year. know how many times i have had the chance to exercise.....two. i work at least 15 hour days and the travel sucks. flight delays, waking up at 3:30 in the morning for a 5:15 am flight and a lot of times i don't even get to eat good food. the grass always looks greener i know but once you give this lifestyle a try it really does blow and you need to love what you do or you would be just miserable. hope this perspective helps your plight.

    miss you - sarah

  4. The first couple weeks after Evan was born, the 4 words I HATED coming out of Greg's mouth were, "I'm going to go..." sometimes it ended with "work out", sometimes "take a shower", sometimes "play PS2." It didn't matter. I wanted to claw his eyes out. I hadn't showered in days, hadn't gotten off the couch in hours (too busy nursing then trying not to wake Evan because then he'd want to nurse again). If I was hungry I couldn't even get something to eat. Now, he just got back from a four day business trip and I survived! I've come a long way ") It does help to know that he had to drive to Cinncinnati in a van. But I know for a fact he worked out while he was down there.