Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello Again

Hello old friend. I have returned, brushing off the metaphorical dust of your homepage, checking back in via a keyboard and peering  through shuttered windows to catch a glimpse of a place that was once full of light and creativity. 

I have abandoned you old friend. My enthusiasm for you has waned. I have lost my inspiration and it saddens me. I once took pride in calling myself a "blogger" and had dreams of making something of this online diary. I used to turn around ideas in my head as I lay sleepless at 2am, now I reach for my phone and stare blankly at the big stories listed on Yahoo "News."

I want to return to you dear blog. I want to tap back into my enthusiasm and creativity, but I worry that as I stare at the blank screen nothing will come to me, or that all my thoughts will be dull and dreary.

But I have yet to fully leave you. I have not written the self-reflective goodbye piece or removed "blogger" from my Twitter profile. So old friend. What I am trying to say is maybe. Just maybe we can try again. See if we still hit it off. 

What do you say?
Are you ready to give me another shot? 

With Limited Hope,


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