Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mimosas, Hello Kitty & My Niece

Sunshine. Blue skies. City views. Hipsters picnicking. Costumed Bay-To-Breakers runners playing Frisbee in tu-tus. Birthday balloons. Hello San Francisco.

This past Sunday my family along with my brother in-law and lovely niece visited Dolores Park. We happened to meet one of my brother-in-laws friends who lives blocks from the park, is childless and well...  therefor WAY MORE FUN than most people in my life.*Wink*

But my brother-in-law's friend turned what would have been a lovely day frolicking with the kiddos on the playground to a six pack of beers-and mimosas- relaxing-grown-up- friendly afternoon.

Damn. To be out there in the city with the cool kids sun bathing, playing catch and drinking in the sunshine. I almost could remember what it was to be one of them. Believe it or not- I once of them. Before there were kids there were drinks before the drinks at the game. There were high-heels almost all of the time and lingering brunches. Yes.  I do miss those days sometimes.

But Sunday... brought me back, and in a good way. I had a buzz by 3:00. I laid in the grass with sunshine across my body, soaking it in. I admit, I let my husband do the heavy lifting with the kids, I'm lucky that I can do that. For just a moment I pretended that I lived a different life, one where I could drink bloody mary's on a Sunday without too much consequence. It was a good day.

Check out the amazing view!
Everyone loves riding the BART!

It was a good visit overall. I happen to have a lovely five year old niece who appears to like Hello Kitty as much as I do! We had pedicures, hot chocolate and shopped. My daughter fantasies realized! We held hands as we walked down the street, no coaxing needed. We talked about flowers without my forcing the conversation. In her presence my boys spent hours coloring and there seemed to be significantly less talk about punching. It was awesome.

And then Sunday was over and my niece and brother in law left. Leisurely weekends will be few and far between over the next couple of months, with our impending Colorado move looming just around the corner. And the boys? They are back to they are back to the usual body slamming games and endless baseball sessions. *Sigh*

Hello Kitty Heaven!


  1. It's nice to have those almost-not-a-parent days isn't it?

  2. Those days with little kids are brief and precious! Fun to have only grown up time, too!