Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The first time I got a manicure: 1997, just before I went on a cruise with my mother and grandfather in Greece. I had never been on a cruise before, and assumed I had to be fancy. I had my nails painted shiny red and couldn't stop looking at them.

The first movie I remember seeing in the theater: ET. I was petrified. That was one ugly alien hiding in the garage.

My first "real" boyfriend: Sophomore year of high school. We dated for four months before he broke my heart and went on to become prom king. Bastard.

My first best friend: Ms. Erica. I met her in kindergarten and I am still friends with her today. We have been through it all. Grade school drama, high school boyfriends and heartbreaks, college exams, drunken nights on State Street, trips to Vegas, babies and careers. I hope I will know her until I'm 90!

My first drink: Tequila and sprite. 10th grade. I really wanted to impress a certain boy I was with. I ended up with the dry heaves and a pounding headache. It was a long time before I had another cocktail.

My first massage: The day before my wedding day. The woman talked to me the entire time, asking me questions about wedding colors and bridesmaids dresses. My arm was stuck in a funky position and I ended up incredibly sore the next day. Luckily I have since learned that massages can be heaven.

My first job: Rocky Rococo's Pizza the summer before college. I worked the cash register and was responsible for "flipping" the salad bar, a dreaded task indeed. I met a number of unsavory characters who either hated me or wanted to marry me.

My first positive pregnancy test: I wasn't late, but I wanted a baby badly, and had been trying. My husband had gone out for a run and I figured it was too early, but would try anyway. I stared at the two lines with disbelief. I remember what I was wearing that day. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking "I'm going to be a MOMMY!" I couldn't wait for David to return home from his jog to share the news, so I called my mother. Poor spouse was the third to know the news!

My first house: Purchased after only two days of looking. We flew from Minneapolis to Denver for a quick house hunting trip and found a cute little bungalow in Sunnyside. I thank my lucky stars every day we bought that house. Our neighbors soon became our very best friends, and though we have moved twice since that first home, our friendship remains.

My first parent-teacher conference: Zachary was six months. Yes you read that right. The daycare insisted on regular conferences to discuss our child's progress. I remember rushing from work, eager to meet with Zachary's teacher. As you can probably imagine, the meeting was intensely interesting. "Zack takes good naps. Zachary likes eating applesauce. He likes his rattle."

My first car: My parents gave me their blue Volvo after graduation so that I could make the drive from Madison to Monroe Wisconsin (where my boyfriend was living.) I don't  remember the year. I do remember totaling it only a few months later when I flipped it after driving head on into a tractor trailer tire. It wasn't the last Volvo I would total.

My first grown up pet: My sweet Wiggum. Purchased at the Humane Society he was white and orange and a total cuddle cat. I loved that kitty madly and miss him still.

My first time as a bridesmaid: My friend Michelle and Chad's wedding. What a blast. They were two of my very best friends in Minneapolis. I was so excited to be part of the wedding party. I went dress shopping with Michelle, and attended her hen party in Chicago. The wedding was a blast. The hangover was less fun.

My first Mother's Day: I was so excited. I dressed my eight month old baby up in a light blue jumper that my husband insisted made him look like a fool. I wore something with flowers on it and we went to a lady-like brunch at my favorite Denver restaurant, Duo. It was a perfect sunny spring day, and I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

What are some of your favorite first memories?