Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Halloween Is My Favorite

Top Ten Reasons Why Halloween Just Might Be My Favorite Holiday:

In case you can't tell my husband is a crazy cat man, duh.

Look I actually did a craft with my kids! 
  1.  No turkey. No ham. No 15 different kinds of potatoes. No. Feast. In fact everyone is so preoccupied with snack-sized candy bars that I might not have to cook at all. Love this.
  2. No gifts. No baskets. A few bags of cheap candy and some costumes from Target and everybody is happy.
  3. Admiring other people's more ambitious costumes. Love to see every-day-people's creativity in action! 
  4. No travel. Have you ever heard of flying a family of five across country to celebrate Halloween with the relatives? Neither have I. 
  5. Smarties. Need I say more? 
  6. Jack-o-lanterns. I love the pumpkin glow on a starlit night. I especially love that the carving has become my husband's responsibility, as I cannot be trusted with a knife.
  7. I get to wear sparkly stuff and wigs, somewhat fulfilling my dream of performing on stage.
  8. Babies always look cute in costumes. Check out my Kermit The Frog!
  9. Parties! Halloween gatherings are  fun, never stuffy and usually involve heavy drinking. All good things in my book. 
  10. Did I mention Smarites??


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