Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healthy Living: Pain, Desire and Rewards

The Pain: 

In light of my ankle injury and Osteoporosis diagnosis I have adopted a new exercise regimen. Although I have avoided exercise classes for most of my life, I am now attending 3-4 weekly. Body Sculpt (AKA: Slowly Kill Yourself By Lifting Weights While A Very Buff Instructor Screams "10 More" For 50 Minutes.), Core Yoga, and Yoga Flow. I'm working to build up muscle and strengthen my tiny bones. It hurts. G-Damn it hurts. Mostly my arms ache, as they are the weakest, but also my thighs, my tush, and my jiggly tummy. With all this pain I half expect to somehow look different. But after only 2 weeks of working out, I am just as wimpy looking and soft as ever. Sigh. No pain no gain. It will come. I WILL  be buff my Christmas!

The Desire: 

I have given up diet soda. For the most part. This. Is. Hard. I had a bit of a Diet Pepsi problem. The results of my bone density test have convinced me that it was time to lay off. I miss it. I miss that fake-sweet bubbly sensation. If you aren't a diet soda drinker you can't understand, but I CRAVE it. Oh how I long for you Diet Pepsi.

The Rewards:

I'm feeling good about myself. While I have had to give up my dream of being a (half) marathon runner (for now), I have set new goals. Someday I will be able to lift more than three pound weights. Someday my arms may actually have some definition. Someday I will be STRONG.


  1. So impressive and GOOD LUCK! I am terrified of any yoga.

  2. Your title sounds like another sequel to Fify Shades!

  3. Yoga rocks!!!! I do I pi-yo class every week and it is my favorite. Keep it up, mama!

  4. "You have to stay strong to be strong!" I never knew what that meant... until I realized what a mental mind game foods (and sodas!) and habits play. Keep Rockin', Girlfriend!!

  5. Yay you!!!! Oh, but I feel your pain re diet cola - I wouldn't have got through uni without it. I gave up after reading how Nutrasweet is Neurotoxic (kills brains cells) so for the best :)

  6. Yay for you. I understand about the diet soda. I'm totally hooked on regular soda. ALL THAT SUGAR. Gah. But I love it so much. Good for you giving it up. Hang in there!