Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings With Rachel

There is a lot going in the world today; shootings, refinery fires, Olympics, mean guys selling chicken. I could write about any of these topics, but I know what you really want to hear about. MY HAIR OF COURSE.

It is getting out of control. I have very few options at this point. It is starting to look shaggy in front, and like a curly mullet in the back. H.O.T.  I am struck by how very slowly my hair seems to be growing. I have not had a haircut since March. Good Lord, this is a process. You will see my latest style in the picture to the right. Basically I'm hiding my hair as much as possible without wearing a hat. Yay.

You are *probably* also looking for an ankle update. Sure you are. My ankle sucks, thank you very much. It shows no signs of improvement. I have been clunking around in this boot for 3.5 weeks and my ankle looks exactly the same. I am not feeling very hopeful at this point. Will I ever run again????

Okay, since I am rambling, I'll go ahead and get on my soapbox. The Olympics..Women's volleyball. Can someone please tell me why it is necessary for the women (THE WOMEN ONLY) to wear little bikini bottoms to play volleyball? They are not really on the beach after all. It isn't as if they might just go for a swim after a match. If it is for better mobility, why aren't the men wearing speedos when they play? Instead male competitors wear long shorts. Yes, I realize that these are athletes with hot bodies. These women may even enjoy showing off, but I believe society is taking yet another opportunity to objectify women and use their bodies to sell products and ratings. It contributes to a sexist culture that values women's appearance above all their other contributions. Take a look at the below picture.I think I've made my point.


  1. Haha. I see you took my picture! Nice blog Rachel. -Sam

  2. I wondered the same thing about the teeny tiny bottoms. Throw those poor girls some boy shorts or something that isn't constantly getting wedged in their nether regions.
    I still stand my declaration that you look great in short hair. You have very delicate facial features and the cropped hair accentuates that fact!

  3. Boy are we ever on the same page. Those bikinis are ridiculous. Hear you completely!

  4. cute post I'm your newest follower! :)