Friday, August 31, 2012

Kargas Inc. Reviewed On Yelp

Kargas Inc 

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* 8/31/12

If I could give this place zero stars I would! My brother and I visited Kargas Inc earlier this week for a play date. What a disappointment! Let's start with the snack selection shall we? We were offered stale raisins, over-ripe bananas and toast. Seriously? They were also out of juice. Who runs out of juice for a play date? Next, on to the atmosphere. The place was a mess, totally unsanitary. Who wants to look at a pile of dirty underwear or step in a puddle of cat vomit? Nasty. The toys were totally lame. Most of the play things were missing parts or broken. I saw one staff member playing with a beheaded Captain America doll, so not cool. Speaking of the staff, the woman who runs the place is a total witch. She has all these crazy rules about not running with scissors or playing with sharp knives, total buzz kill. In short, do not go to Kargas Inc. You have been warned.

Q.T. Pie:

*** 8/20/12

My recent visit to Kargas Inc was just o.k. On the plus side, upon entering the facility I was offered Cheese-Its and chocolate milk. These are not the usual selections at our home, since we make an effort to eat healthy, organic food, but it was a nice treat when visiting Kargas Inc. On the negative side, the place had a funky "aroma." It may have been due to the cup of spoiled milk I found behind the sofa. Don't know if I'll go back. 


* 7/15/12

Bottom line, I had a terrible experience with the staff. One staff member, who had no grasp of the English language and drooled a lot, took my shoes (which I graciously removed upon entering) and PUT THEM IN THE TOILET! Who does that? When I informed management, I got an apology, but I wasn't even compensated for the trauma! The folks over at Kargas Inc. need a serious lesson in customer service.


  1. Thanks for letting us know. We were thinking of going there around Thanksgiving, but now have second thoughts.

  2. Wow - hilarious! I love these posts. :)

  3. This is so funny -- I'm lying in bed, reading it to my husband while he brushes his teeth, and I think he just spit on the floor.