Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Newsletter

Kargas Inc Newsletter, February 2012
Employee of the Month:
This month the prestigious award goes to.... Julian Michael Kargas. Over the past eight months we have seen considerable growth, and we are certain that he will continue to be a real asset to our thriving organization! Julian continues to be one of the hardest workers employed at Kargas Inc. He still frequently insists on working in the wee hours of the night, calling meetings at 2 and 4 am. Very impressive! We admire your tenacity, but feel free to tone it down a notch! We interviewed Julian when he was presented with his award. He issued the following statement: "Ma Ma Ma. Ba Ba Ba." Well said Julian, well said. Congratulations!
Upcoming Events:
Mark your calendars! We have two incentive trips planned this year. Our first excursion is to Venice Beach Florida, where we will be staying at a luxury resort! (Casa Kargas, hosted by Mor Mor & Pa Pou). Your all expense vacation will include use of the community pool (please no swim diapers), transportation to and from the beach and all- you- can- eat cheerios and Mor Mor's hot dish. Our next trip will be to Madison Wisconsin in late June. Once again luxury accommodations at the Shaw Resort & Spa. More details to come.....
Brown Bag Lunches:
We have several brown bag lunches planned for the next couple of months. Topics will include:
Are you making your co-workers cry? It could be harassment.
Feeling burned out? How to make the best of the next 12-17 years.
Positive first impressions: Keep your finger out of your nose.
Finally, a message from our CEO:
Dear Beloved Staff,
We are off to a fabulous 2012! I want to assure you that Kargas Inc is thriving. Recently I have received questions from concerned staff members about further expansion. While Kargas Inc will not be adding to our staff.....ever again, this is not an indication of the corporations demise. We are stronger than ever, and have concluded that additional staff members would actually impede our companies performance, probably driving leadership to purchase one-way tickets to Promises. So while there will be no further growth (in numbers), we are looking forward a prosperous year!


  1. Yay for a fabulous company report :)

  2. While Kargas Inc will not be adding to our staff.....ever again

    (so funny)

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  4. Removed the comment due to several typos! As I was saying, I believe you deserve a bonus for your successful year as CEO and knowing when it is time to limit hiring. Shaw Resort and Spa has confirmed your reservation for your luxury accommodations and are removing all offending furnishings, especially our American Girl collection which we feel would suffer greatly at the hands of your youngest staff members. If you have any special dietary needs please inform our chef du cuisine, Messieur Shae. He will gladly adjust our menu. Looking forward to you stay at Chez Shaw.

  5. So funny. In our home we're doing great but I feel, as you, that expansion is not gonna happen. Love it.

  6. you are so funny. thanks for helping my morning start out with a smile (after I woke up in a daze and slightly pissed off from lack of sleep, of course)

  7. Loved this! Thanks for the chuckle! My dad lives in Venice! So pretty down there! Make sure you take them to Sharky's on the pier--fun little spot and the kids can walk out to see what their catching off the pier!!

  8. Fabulous!!! - truly made my night (plus feasting eyes on a cute baby pic never hurts...)!!! Funny thing, my own 8 year old asked about possible expansions to our corporation today. actually sounded quite hopeful. Of course the answer is....NO.

  9. glad your company is doing well this year!