Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tips for a stress free morning.

Get Real Mama's Tips For A Stress-Free Morning:

The key is to be prepared! Get things ready the night before.

  • Set out outfits for every member of the family, involve your kids in selecting their clothing.*

  • Set up coffee, so all you have to do is press a button. ****

  • Set the breakfast table.*****

  • Have an activity/craft available to entertain children while you shower and dress ******
* Have two back up outfits. Inevitably your child(ren) will dismiss the outfit you selected together the evening before, determining in the morning that it is "stupid." There is a high likelihood that breakfast/milk/pee will be spilled or splattered on the first outfit of the day, requiring a wardrobe change. Factor in an additional five minutes to search for the missing batman sock that MUST be worn TODAY.

**** Consider adding a "splash" of Kahlua to your morning joe. Take a sip. Consider a second cup of "coffee"

***** Be sure you set out matching cereal bowls to avoid the "He got the BLUE BOWL" conflict. Anticipate that even if you selected two identical bowls one child will still throw a temper tantrum because his brother's bowl is BLUER! Factor in an additional ten minutes for conflict mediation over who has the most cereal in the bluest bowl. Factor in an additional five minutes to clean up the bowl of cereal or glass of milk that will certainly be spilled. Multiple times.

****** Your children will hate whatever activity you plan. They will fight over markers, scribble on the baby, and use scissors on your tablecloth. You might as well just invite over the ever reliable babysitter-SpongeBob Square Pants.



  1. Wow. I'd hate to live in this house.

  2. Great advice! I especially like rhe "coffee". Made with Peet's, of course?

  3. That is sooooo the truth. Most cereal in the bluest bowl....hehe...

  4. love it. my tips for a stress free morning would be: beg sister to babysit overnight then check into a hotel. Get up when you are actually done sleeping and order room service. Ahhhh.
    Like that happens....

  5. Wow - this makes me excited (?) to have multiple children! :) Super funny!

  6. sometimes I don't do this and I'm reminded why when things go wrong in the mornings... I've got to get more like this.... morning would be less stressful! good post! needed that!

  7. Isn't it just precious how kids can fight over ANYTHING? They are experts. I don't drink alcohol or coffee but I do have a big backyard and when I get sick of the squabbles I just lock them all out there. Seriously.