Wednesday, October 19, 2011


According to my son I am one heck of a terrible mommy. The worst mom in the world in fact. At least that was what he told me this afternoon, just after I hosted a 3.5 hour post kindergarten play-date at our house and made the kids chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

I suppose I sound like a cliche, but will he ever realize just how good he has it? How freaking awesome I am? Hello, if I hadn't taken the initative he would have had zero play-dates with his kindergarten pals, as I seem to be the only mom willing to invite the munchkins over. Does he remember the baseball/Penguins of Madagascar themed birthday I threw for him and twenty of his buddies? That's right. He insisted on a dual themed party. Baseball. Penguins of Madagascar. Of course! But we did it, and it was fantastic.

Do I get him no less than three types of cereal and two types of berries for his daily "berry blast" breakfast? Why yes I do.

Do I wash his dirty bed linens every single day, because he wets through his pull ups at six years old? You bet!

Do I go to every single crappy animated-rated G movie that comes out? Uh-huh. I even buy the over-priced "kids" pack.

Do I engage in a power struggle over the hideous "graphic T-shirts" he insists on wearing instead of my mother's hand-knit sweaters? Nope. I let him wear what he wants to.

Maybe we should forget about Friday's "Spaghetti Night" at the elementary school. Personally I would prefer sushi. And Sunday's Harvest Festival? Yeah, I'm thinking lattes and The New York Times. How does that sound kid? You want bad? Damn, I can show you bad.

But I'm a good mommy and I love you. Even if you don't yet quite get it.



  1. love it! You are better than me - one night I sunk to telling my son that some little boys don't even HAVE a mummy to cuddle him so he better just get with the programme and enjoy the cuddles he had become so adverse to!

  2. What did you do to deserve his wrath? You are the best mommy ever! I had a dream last night that you had triplets. Things could be worse!

  3. P.S. Don't cater to him too much. He'll expect the same treatment from his wife (if he chooses to get married);)

  4. ooohh - what's a berry blast breakfast??

  5. ya know i don't think we really appreciate our parents until we ARE parents.

  6. I keep hanging onto that faith, too :) You are SuperMommy :)

  7. Of course you are a wonderful mommy! he will appreciate it one day.. like when he has a kid of his own and realizes how much work they are!! After I gave birth to finn I called my mom to say thanks. So, it only took me 30 years to really appreciate my mom. Yikes.

  8. Yea, seriously! What could you have possibly done to be the worst mommy ever?? Geez. You should show him a week of none of the fun stuff you just mentioned you always do and then see if he likes the "original" mommy ;)