Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anyone out there?

My hubby asked me a few days ago if I had lost interest in blogging. (Is that a real word now?). He said that he had noticed that I have not posted anything new for a while, and that this was true death for a blog. I told him no, in fact I have just been busy, and that nothing has inspired me to write over the past week. I immediately felt the need to post SOMETHING (So what, I don't lose my HUGE following-ha!). I am new to the world of blog. I have read some, and many are like a daily diary, show-casing fitness accomplishments (of which I have none), or commenting on the day to day life of the author, as a mother/worker-bee/activist/addict/comic- whatever it may be. For me I have found that blogging is more of an opportunity to be expressive, a hobby that allows me to try writing again, and to pick out and explore topics that interest me, a little less diary like, and more essay like. But my husband's question motivated me to write, and to inquire- is anyone actually reading this? If so, please respond by commenting, or emailing me at I would be interested and perhaps motivated by knowing you are out there. Thank you!


  1. I definitely check in...gotta find out what's up with my friends!

  2. I read it all the time. Do I count?

  3. I read it! I wonder the same about the nanny space blog.