Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the road to happiness: Blog Girl

New blog image. Because this picture makes me HAPPY
I have been quiet on this little blog the past few months, but I'll tell you a secret. I have big plans for getrealmama.

In my last post I mentioned that my goal for 2014 was simple. Happiness. Just happiness. However I failed to mention exactly how I would go about achieving that. It isn't as simple as changing my diet and putting in extra miles on my running shoes. It isn't as simple as taking a class or striving towards the organization I desperately lack in my life.  There is no twelve step program or book that I can read. Damn it I have to use my intuition to figure out my path to bliss, or at the very least feeling good.

I have been sitting around scratching my head (which have you noticed is covered in much, much longer hair these days???) wondering what I can do to find more happiness. Then the angels sang and the a-ha light went off and it came to me... write more. Write better. Invest more.  It's no secret that I have some *minor* self esteem issues. In my day to day life I don't feel a whole lot of pride in myself. I don't think there is much that I do that sets me apart. But I have always had a knack for writing. I have always written well. My papers in high school and college always earned me praise. And I enjoy the process of writing. It brings me joy. It makes me happy.

So damn it 2014 is the year I do something with my writing, and I'll start right here on this blog. I'm not sure what this looks like mind you. Does it mean I write more? Does it mean I spend more time crafting  interesting and well written posts? Does it mean I try to get more traffic and viability?  I haven't figured that all out just yet. But stay tuned folks. Changes are coming.

Happiness is on it's way.


  1. Writing makes me happy, too. :D Excited for more posts!

  2. A great goal! You are a motivator for me -- I keep waiting for the "perfect" time to begin to write with purpose. I have come to the (late) conclusion that no such perfection exists. Time to take the plunge!

  3. You, are without a doubt, a special writer. And I don't mean "special" in that "special" way. Well, you know...

    If you're serious about really jumping in, you need to get with Vanita. Go over to my blog and click on that button in the sidebar for the Strategic Mama. She's even running a special right now. Honest to god, girl. Best decision I've ever made getting involved with her.

  4. Hey you. Just popped by for the first time in months and glad to catch this inspiring post - I'm excited for you. You DO write well - thats not lost on anyone who comes here.
    I'm thinking about picking back up where I left off on my poor neglected blog. An exile caused by my man - my super fit marathon running man - suffering a major heart attack and then defying doctors predictions to come back from almost no return. We are lucky! Any way life is slowly returning to normal and who knows, may write a blog post again. Will definitely be back here more often though to see what you'll do with 2014 and all your talent. xx Jo.