Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Exit from Babyland.

I admit that I dragged my feet a bit. We probably could have started the process at least a few months ago, but I hesitated. I wanted to hold on to babyland for just a little bit longer.

Julian is my last baby. And while I know there are many parents high-fiving and breaking out champagne glasses when they leave behind diapers, forever, I feel a twinge of sadness as I say goodbye to an entire department of Target. No more  jars of pureed peas, no more bibs, "my first Christmas" pajamas, and no more diapers.

Yes, we will save money on diapers, but really, all of those costs are replaced with big boy stuff. Little League, real bikes, video games and some day... an Iphone? Turns out diapers weren't that expensive after all.

But at over 2.5 we felt it was time to potty train our growing toddler. Let me rephrase that, one day our 24- year old nanny came home from the library with an armful of potty books and a look in her eye which told us that even though Julian was our third, clearly we didn't recognize that it was time.

So last week we stripped away the diapers and let Julian wander around sans pants, a tiny potty within eye shot at all times. Part of me wondered (hoped) that perhaps we were jumping the gun a bit and that Julian was still too young to be successful. Turns out the combination of his 2.5 years of development and the lure of  m&m's proved to be the perfect cocktail for potty training. One week later and the kid is walking around in the Hello Kitty underwear (that he picked himself!) and for the most part dry!  When we venture out of the house and at bed time we reach for the pull ups, but the 40 diapers we still have sitting on the changing table have gone untouched.

We still have accidents. The unfortunate moment you see a look cross that toddler face and realize you are a few seconds too late, the inconvenience of having to plan everything around immediate potty access but the reality is we are crossing the threshold. No longer are we  citizens of babyland. We don't fit in with the nursing mamas, the dads sporting baby slings, or the the chat rooms discussing sleep training and spit up. No. We had our stop int babyland, and now we are officially moving on, to what is next, leaving this magical time behind us, left to photographs and memories.

Goodbye Babyland.... Thank you.

Thank you.


  1. Yep. I know. Love it. Hate it. I sort of avert my eyes from the Target baby aisle for that reason. Don't tell anyone.

    I love that he picked out Hello Kitty underwear. Hello Kitty is pretty adorable. I try to remember how much I used to love her before she started showing up EVERYWHERE.

  2. Awwww...that is such a bittersweet milestone...especially when it's your final baby.

  3. We will be there before I know it. I am pretty sure we are done at 2 kiddos, but there is a slight possibility of a third. Very slight if you ask my husband. So maybe I have one more go at this baby thing. I am really loving the not nursing, not being pregnant, and sleeping thing, though. ;) Oh yeah, and getting in shape again isn't too bad either. Nice post.

  4. I really loved leaving all the accoutrements of babyhood behind (strollers, bottles and diapers) but the weird thing was getting used to suddenly being an "old" mom, because the minute you're done having babies you're not one of the fresh crop of new moms and it's just different. It happens to everyone no matter what, but still. :)

  5. Oh man...I can see how this would be a very bittersweet feeling! Congrats to your little man (and you!) on the potty training, though. Ours is ready...just not sure how to start the process. This helps! :D Yay for no more wiping poopy toddler butts! Well, for the most part.